Wild Meadow

Some pictures from our recent trip to Wild Meadow in Wales for Dan's Birthday. An absolutely beautiful spot - I would go back in a flash. I am certain Wales has the best sunsets and golden light. Our boys loved it too - exploring bare foot, eating food cooked over a fire and generally being the feral little humans they naturally are!


Trying to do a bit of blogging here and there, purely so I have a record of my growing children! It’s nice to look back on what we were doing at certain times, so that’s what I’ll be sporadically posting!
These pictures go back to the end of summer 2014 when we were camping on Exmoor. I love the light at dusk - toasting marshmallows, pyjamas on...the slow pace of the campsite.
Have a nice weekend.

How Quickly A year Passes

Otto is now a year old. This has actually been the fastest year of my life! I took these pictures a month or so ago, when he refused to have his nappy put back on, so we played ‘will he or won’t he pee (or worse) on the floor?’ Fortunately, I won. Anyway, it was getting dark but despite fighting the light, I really like how these turned out. So to summarise one year of knowing Otto - He is the best - such a happy boy. He wakes up happy, loves his family, he loves feeding from me, sleeping next to me, his bother’s toys, and Marmite. He started walking just after he turned ten months, so he is very steady on his feet, despite being a dinky little chap. I’m looking forward to year two, my little friend!

Our Home

A few months ago, our home and a little interview with me was featured in the wonderful 91 Mag. With everything else going on in life, I was rather quiet about it, but noticed that Bertie’s bedroom has been pinned many times, which is nice! It was lovely to be ask to share some corners of our home (awful carpets and all!). Please be assured that our home is very ‘lived in’ and I really did work around the chaos to get some decent shots! Since I took these pictures, we’ve made a few changes and there are more to come, so one day, I’ll share those too.
Have a nice day :)


So I’m trying to get back to updating a bit more here......These pictures go back to late August, when we took the boys camping in Dorset. This is beautiful Lulworth Cove in all its summery glory.

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